This time of year everyone gets busy cleaning, organizing, getting rid of excess, waking up from the slumber of winter. We are sweeping out the dust, well at least thinking about doing that and seeing the first signs of a new season. 

Things change but follow a rythmn that ebbs and flows. They say you have to know where you are before you can change those things that don’t work for you. I see my art as an expression of what I believe myself to be. Sometimes that is correct other times that is not. 

But with the ebb and flow of each season I am invigorated with the promise of change. New growth, new green and bright flowers. But in contrast I am intrigued with the color of winter, ice and frozen reflections. I just completed a crazy quilt with the theme of a hidden garden for a calendar competition with a winter scene. 

It was hard to see beauty in the grays and stark white but as I worked it was easy to see the quiet and serenity in the color pallet. I had planned to add a pop of red with an embroidered cardinal. Yet as I look at this I see it is best not to add the bird. 


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