Step by step

Life is full of happy times, sad times and steps towards the goals that you want each and every day. As an artist I have always had an idea of what I wanted to accomplish. To have my work be recognized for the beauty that I see. To be represented in the art world for my own unique vision of what I see in the beauty of nature. I know I have written this before but it is the best way to describe my work.

I have been entering art shows for several years and while about 65% have turned me down I have had work accepted and sold through these events. As most artists say you can’t predict what a juror will like. Though they all try to be fair it is a subjective process. This can be frustrating if you try to over think the reason you got accepted for one show and not another. However as I get accepted in a show I know it is one more step towards my goal, my dream of sharing my artistic vision.

I have been accepted in a show in Overland Park, Kansas that will open April 1. I have set the art quilt in a matt and went on a shopping search for a frame. I frame my work just as you would a painting maybe because it affirms that the work is art. I also know that once my work is hung it has to be protected under glass. There is no feasible way this artwork could be dusted, thus the frame with glass. It always amazes me how just putting a frame around any art changes your perspective of that work.

I have posted this work before but here is quick shot of Lilac Spring with a matt, sitting on top of the thin black frame it will be set into.

One of the sites I found online is Art Opportunites Monthly which I started as a free trial. I check this often and found it has a depth of listings for artists. If you are interested check the info below. Please note I receive nothing in return just wanting to share the wealth of info that this site provides.


Art Opportunities Monthly Professional (AOM) is offering a free, no-obligation 3-month subscription for those not yet familiar with it. It is for professional artists and protographers, and those who would like to be.

AOM, a monthly list of opportunities (grants, juried shows, public art commissions, etc.) with world-wide circulation, has been around for over 15 years. It screens out the scams and for-profit “contests” and presents each hand-selected, carefully edited opp in a quick-to-scan capsulized form. It is sent in a highly search-able, smartly organized PDF directly to your email address. No passwords to remember or lose.

To find out more and sign up, simply go to:

Your email address and other information will be kept absolutely private. You do not have to enter your credit card number or anything other than your name and email address. No obligation, no gimmicks.

This offer is only for those who are not current subscribers. Expires May 16, 2016.


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