Things are springing up

This year winter has been different. Very little snow or rain. Some days in the 70’s and other days gray as the wool on a sheep.

During this time of year I am mostly inside. Yet with the warm sunshine I have been out and about finding signs of an early spring.The yellow in these crocus are just wonderful and says spring to me. I really enjoy the contrast of the purple flowers with the exact same hue of yellow in the center no less!!  Now do you see why I am so fascinated with nature.

I know that spring means new beginnings, new growth, an awaking from the slumber of winter.  I have been busy working on new work and assessing what I will include from my current art for the two person show I will have up in May. I have heard other artists call their work as their baby. You mold it, create from your vision and once done hand it off to someone else that appreciates that creativity. It is a lot like a child but I have never really thought of my art work in this way.  I see this as a creation of mine  for sure but once it is completed or more like once I am almost done, I am already thinking of the next piece.

However it is good to see someone else appreciate the work you put into a piece of art. It is also good to see older work compared to what you are currently doing. I see progress and how some things have worked or not worked. I see new growth in each new piece I have done for this show. It makes me so happy to be able to reach the level that I have envisioned. I know that with this I will judge some of that older work as not acceptable. That does not bother me just part of the way you grow.  I also see the seeds of my personal growth blooming with my increased acceptance in shows and confidence.

I really enjoy showing everyone this progress and this is my most recent one. I wanted to continue with a smaller piece. It is a challenge to not overwork but get the rhythm and movement that I often use in my art. I also wanted to see if I could complete one of these small pieces in a short period of time. I have wanted to do a field of poppies so started with a 8 X 10 stretched canvas.

I used alcohol markers in a series of greens and browns in short diagonal strokes to mimic a field of grasses. I kept puttering with the color then left it to dry overnight. I used a variety of green hand dyed silk ribbon for grasses stitched in the opposite direction for grasses. I added    green threads for contrast and texture. I did not want to cover the background completely so kept the stitching sparse. I also left some areas open were I would place the poppies.

I used a very dark green thread for the flower stems. To keep them from mixing with the other threads I placed a base thread down. Then I wrapped them in a satin stitch that raised the stem adding a rounded top for the calyx. Finally I was ready for the flowers. I found a orange red bias silk about 3/4ths of an inch wide. Cutting a length I gathered it up pulling it into a ruffled circle.  I then placed it on the top of the stem adjusting the gathers as needed. I had a lot of fun with this step making a side fold over or keeping it completely open. Lastly I put black beads in the center of each flower. Completed in two days too!

Guess I am springing forward in many ways.