New altitude

I just came back from an awe inspiring trip to Alaska. All I can say is WOW!

This being my first trip to this wonderful state I think my senses are full of the wonder of nature. Very hard to express in words. I took a walk along the shore and I kept getting the feeling I was just an ant in the midst of tall, tall trees. I stopped to breathe it all in and found this.

On top of a post

It looks like I took this from ground level but no. This is moss and small ferns that have sprouted on top of a post. The background is the shoreline across from the walking path I was on. This reminds me of a magical fairy forest. I have to admit I only think of snow in Alaska. The lush depth of green colors, all the ferns and mossy fungi everywhere! I was correctly schooled by my tour guides this is a temporal climate.

Private cemetery entrance

As I continued to walk I found this cute cemetery. I am familiar with the blue spruce but the different rocks and bright green weeds is just singing out to be recreated in a landscape.

I then took a gondola ride up the mountain. The trees seemed closer up but just as impressive. Can you see all the “happy little trees” as Bob Ross used to say? His painting style certainly came to mind when I got this shot from the gondola.

Oh wow, this trip has sent my artistic mind to a whole new altitude indeed! Now to get busy creating.

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