Different Air

I am on a new adventure, visiting Seattle, Washington for the first time for a few days before I head to an Alaskan cruise.

I began my day with a walk on a nature trail close to my hotel. It is a trail along the Green river on one side and office buildings on the other. An oasis of nature within the city. I found the landscape interesting and very calm.

Walking bridge over the Green river
Flowers or weeds who cares they are wonderful

As I wondered along I found a crack in the walking path that was amazing. Something caused two ruptures in the asphalt base. They had been circled in white to show a need to repair this. But wait who or what painted the center red making them appear to be mini volcanoes? Just me but it made me smile.

Move on down the path and I find bends in the river, full of lush green over growth. Lots of trees, some different weeds and a few ducks that kept moving so I couldn’t photograph them. Looking across the river I am intrigued by some stumps in the river that have bright green growth poking on the top of them. The reflections on the calm water is interesting, too. This will be stored in my expanding group of possible photos to start a new art quilt

Hairy stumps? What was here before? I really like the shadows on the water surface.

I was so into the moment I lost track of time. Checked my watch and saw I needed to turn around and make a bee line back so as not to miss the shuttle. Made it on time for my next new place to explore. A new path to follow with different air for certain.

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