Seeing the fruits of labor

I attended the opening of the show I am part of last night with awe and pride. The depth of work, the quality, the variety of artistic expression inspired me to no ends. It also confirmed the quality of my work is hitting the mark.  Seeing the fruits of my labor, of meeting that goal of quality fills my artistic soul. 

It feels like the brightness of a beautiful sunrise. I know that this is just the beginning. There will be days of solitude creating the next piece, that there will be days of thunderous rejection but today it is bright and sunny. 

It is all the more encouraging that the plan I had of creating art daily after retirement last year is coming to fruition. I believe that as I move forward in this path I am growing closer to my true calling in life. I have known since childhood that I was meant to create art. 

Family and other life responsibilities came into play before I could create art full time. I don’t regret these responsibilities. I had time to seek out styles and methods to express my true artist soul. It gave me time to practice that expression, to reach that level of craftsmanship that I expect of myself. 

So here I am in front of my art hanging in the show, Art at the Center.  It is at the Tomahawk Ridge Community center in Overkand Park, Ks. The show will be up from April 1 through June 12. 


If you are in the area come by and check it out along with the rest of the fabulous art in this show. 

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