This time of year has me yearning for warm weather and green to replace the dull, drab brown of late winter. I know there is beauty in this pallet of gray and brown. But my imagination gets to moving to the colors of spring. I believe it must be my Irish heritage that has me or just that it means spring really is coming. 

I remember an early spring trip with my parents to a state park. Roaming in the woods among the bramble of brown colored trees. What a surprise to come to a glade of Dogwood trees in full bloom. The very stark white petals of the flowers with just a hint of pink at the center. This made my heart sing. Not just that it proved that spring was here but with the beauty that nature is to me. 

I know that was when I decided to try and capture this beauty in my artwork. Imagination of this beauty of nature into art is the hardest thing to produce. For me I want to keep as close to the “truth”. I want the viewer to see and experience that awe of what I feel. This is a challenge sometimes but that makes me wanting to get up each day and try to stick it. There are days that I do and days that I don’t. However my imagination is always striving for more, better work and it is good to have this challenge. 

I had another spark of joy yesterday by finding a clump of early spring flowers in the yard. I don’t garden so the previous owner must have planted these beauties. I don’t recall ever seeing these crocus come up in the past but they are wonderful. I do imagine these colors if not the flower will make a wonderful addition to my next piece. 


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