Small things matter 

I have a lot of ideas and most lead to fiber work that take weeks and hours to complete. I clocked the time spent for a total of 135 hours for a finished piece 11X 14. Wow more than even I had thought but sometimes I get tired of concentrating on just one thing. This is the bane of creativity, always coming up with a new idea even while working in something else. 
You could consider this a bit disjointed but over the years I have found this to be very helpful. I put down one piece just as I feel stumped or frustrated. That is when I pick up an entirely different piece of work like walking away then when you come back you find the missing puzzle piece.

I have used this process to do little works, mostly around 6X6 to test out a new technique, color combo or to practice a new stitch. I am sharing something like this but it has a practical use. 

I am going to a quilt retreat next month and we all were given a name tag that was already pieced, thanks Pam. At this retreat we are going to show off and encourage crazy quilting so of course I had to go to town. I really enjoyed the colors and the peacock theme of this tag. 

With this being 5X5 it was a challenge to whittle down all the stuff I wanted to include. I have always wanted to use one color of silk ribbon on top of another and do believe it works well for the feathers on the peacock. I had to do the spider web rose, my signature stitch on my crazy quilts but also really like the sequin flowers on the bottom left corner. 

So little things do matter and as you can see I still managed to do a lot of work on this little piece.


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