What to say

I always seem to have something to say which at times has gotten me in a bit of trouble. Nothing too bad just would have been better to keep things to myself at times. In fact my friends can attest that if I am quite for sometime they wonder if I am sick or mad about something. 

Now that I am at home most days, no more 9 to 5, I have fewer people I have daily contact with. My hubby is my daytime mainstay now and he has always been the quite one. Is that good or bad? Art usually is a solitary world until the artist shares the art with the world. I work out ideas, sketch, research, do color swatches, check new techniques and gather materials before I even begin a new artwork. 

However as that artist I want to share my art. So the rest of the world can see my vision, see the beauty in nature in the same way I see nature. So I guess I am still talking or as my art school profs would say, communicating an idea with the rest of the world. The success of the art usually reflects that idea or communication. If it is right there is no need for words. 

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