New habits

I have been retired from the 9 to 5 grind for six months now and have decided that daily life is a series of habits. I knew that before but it was confined by the goals set by someone else. Now that is all me I have to concentrate on what I want to accomplish each day or before I know it the day has flown by and it is 2 in the afternoon with nothing done. 

In order to get all the creative ideas I have swimming in my head I have to set down those goals, break it into workable pieces and get to that work. The best way for me to accomplish these goals is to do things by a schedule or habit. Doing even the mundane as a habit makes it easier for me. 

A new habit is some form of exercise especially if I can get outdoors. With temps in the 70’s yesterday I just had to take a walk. I changed my venue and headed to a different park, Kansas City is blessed with many options. Walking around the track of Mill creek I headed to the natural spring. 

As I approach I see slashes of bright red in the water. Is it trash, leaves from fall foliage, no it is koi fish. I am fascinated by the bright contrast of the tan grass, green weeds under the water and these bright red fish. Snapped as many pictures with my phone because this too is a habit for further art.  

I would eliminate the white square of trash but the koi are so colorful in contrast to the rest of this scene. It gets me excited thinking about what I could do with this. So a new habit led me to a new idea for art. Guess I need to keep this habit going. Off to another walk today. 

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