Sweets in food and art. 

Amazing mini cupcakes for Valentine’s Day yesterday. The chocolate were named chocolate addiction, the white are almond. Amazing what can come from the supermarket now a days.  

After my tasty treat I worked on a crazy quilt block. This was the final block from my group round robin. We get together once a month, exchange a pieced “naked” block in the theme of our own choosing. There were 9 in this exchange or round robin so I worked on 8 other blocks for others in the group. This means I have a total of 9 blocks of my own with 8 others wonderful stitching on my crazy quilt blocks. 

The final block was started but not finished due to personal and health issues. Life happens but it allowed me to play even more with this gypsy theme. I find that I always have more ideas than space or seams. This makes me nervous that I am over doing it. But I believe I worked that out with this block. It seems unusual that the dark maroon would go so well with the turquoise but it does. If I did anything different it would be to stitch more of the light pink but it is fine. This helps to make it sweet, matching the  photo. 

 I plan to place a burnt red satin that is reverse appliqued in an oval thus the white running stitch around the edge. This will become my sashing making the block 12X12. I may do a feather stitch around the inside oval edge but will need to look at how that looks after I have finished the sashing. 


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