Artists musings

I delivered the commission piece to the buyer yesterday and it was such a pleasure to see the reaction of the owner of this art. To say she was pleased and amazed would be an understatement. Considering the work came from a picture that her husband provided she was happy to see the details depicted so well. This made me sigh with relief and pleasure, so good when the idea communicates with the finished art.

The new owner asked about the process, how I started, what materials I used and the hand embroidery methods. My explanation to her was similar to what is used in an artist statement that tells the method and materials for my art. Though I have a written artist statement for show entries, it was so wonderful to get the direct feedback. The owner was amazed by this method of collage work, noting that it is not her idea of a quilt. I explained that though I use the tag of “art quilt” my work is more fiber collage with hand embroidery. It made my heart sign to know that she was amazed with the finished work.

I was asked recently by another artist how I was able to get commission work. I told this artist that this recent work was requested by a friend as a present for his wife. I have done two other commissions over the years all done for friends. However I believe it is easy for my style of work to be commissioned. Though I do have my own artistic interpretation in every work I produce the landscape pieces usually start with a photo. However I think that as an artist you should be open to all possibilities. I am not saying one should change their work to match the color of a person’s couch but you should not hole yourself up in your own vision so much that no one is interested in your work either. There should be a happy meeting point and this last work showed me another avenue to pursue in my career path.

I know that I shared this photo before but this is the best piece to show how one can work with the request of a buyer along with my own artistic expression. This is a seascape completely from my own imagination but the buyer requested I use purple and green and a mermaid with red hair within the picture. I had never considered a mermaid in one of my seascapes before but I do believe this came out really well, both for the buyer and myself.


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