Finished, done, completed all words to show you have accomplished something. I have finished my art quilt landscape commission this evening. I do believe I have conquered the fear of keeping to the original photo but also adding my own artistic twist. I did explore several different techniques on this piece. Most of them I will continue to use in my art quilts.

By using the collage method I can use whatever makes the image in my head come to life on the artwork. I have further explored the use of colored pencil on top of fabric to much success. I combined alcohol fabric markers to change the color of the thread, add shadows, or adjust the tone of printed fabric or the color of silk ribbon to much success. This use of traditional artist materials with fabric and thread and ribbon is exciting and worthwhile.

I truly love the use of embroidery in my art quilts. It gives a tactile feel as I am creating but also it gives the dimension and texture that I was always searching for but could not find in other forms of art. In this way I feel full of pride that I have accomplished more that just finishing another piece of art, but also I have found my voice. So Fini’ but that does not mean I will stop, just that it is now time to start a new. Who knows how beautiful the next piece will be.

2016-02-05 20.21.10.jpg


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