I have many memories of passing views from car trips with my parents and my own family. The hazy way of keeping from being bored on long car trips.  I love travel and I find myself almost hypnotized from the details. I try to concentrate on them and find myself in my own time, my own mind.

I try my best to hold onto those details to be used when I am trying to capture something in my art. But it makes me think I will never capture the trueness that is nature. However I don’t want it to be a picture without my own self put in that interpretation. So as much as I want to capture “what is real” I am still not happy until it is also part of what I imagine.

I was on my way walking to the bus stop one morning and just had to stop while the early spring sunrise came in all its glory.  I pulled out my phone and clicked as many pictures as possible. So many that I was questioned by a home owner as to what I was up to. When I pointed to the sky she too took the time to see the beauty a blazing.

I have tried to capture that beauty, the blaze of color, the starkness of the bare trees in silhouette like skeletons in contrast to the color of the sunrise. This piece is a beginning for a series of work on this subject though I think I could work on this subject for a very long time.

Holmes St Sunrise

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