Reaching the finish 

I have mixed emotions at this point in my  artwork. As I am reaching the final stages I get anxious for the finish like a runner. I can see if my vision matches the actual work. I can already see what I would do different, use a different thread, try a different stitch or color. This distracts me as I continue to stitch for it has become a bit tiring, over and over but rewarding because it is almost complete. 

I have to change my mindset at this point, to see the meditative bonus of continuous needle work. Doctors say this can lower your blood pressure but for me it keeps me from rushing to the end. It keeps me from making mistakes that are not in balance with the rest of the work. 

So I am learning on many levels to enjoy the work of following my passion though that in itself takes a lot of work. 

You can see that I have added the grasses to the lower right corner. I layed the thread out that I am using. It was layered in a long stitch working about a six inch length to represent weeds or rushes. I made it darker with a blue green alcohol marker to push it into the middle ground. 

I got excited to add the flowers of the Tiger lillies but did not have the “right” orange to match. I stitched them using a golden yellow silk ribbon then added the orange with different colored alcohol markers. 

I had to get the fence posts down next, fuzed them down with revisions from the size I stitched from my prior post. I then used colored pencil and a black marker to add highlights and an outline edge.  As I worked on the middle rung I realized the water needed more definition. Blue, white, green and a touch of black colored pencil was used. I also added some rocks though more than in the original picture. I wanted to add something to break up all the green in this space. 

The stems of the surprise lillies are coming along. The leaves will be added next then finally the flowers. More grasses in different greens will finish off the left foreground but I want to add some of the dark red from the lower right flowers to break up the greens and keep it flowing. 

Then HOPEFULLY it will be finished. I am happy with this piece and hope the buyer will too. 


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