I am at a retreat for the weekend with a fun group of ladies who know how to encourage my creative spirit. Each of us are working on our own project but as we chat, work and laugh it reminds me that we all need support of some kind. 

It may be a question about a technique, a color choice, the placement of a trim or fabric on a crazy quilt or just a “another eye” to confirm that what you are doing is correct. 

While working further on my commission  it is encouraging to have the support of this group at this point in the process. Often at this point in creating I am anxious to get done with it.  I have found I get a bit frustrated with the time it is taking to get from the creative start to the finished project. But that is when you just have to dig in and concentrate on what needs to be done. 

I enjoy the time it takes but am already thinking of the next new project or technique to try. I believe part of that is because as I work it is “right up close” in my face. This makes it hard to see the progress I am making. So it is good to have friends at this point, to tell me to step back, take a look at the whole, see the progress being made and maybe then revise something. 

I have added the leaves to the aspen tree and am beginning the layers of thread work for the foreground grasses. I have a tendency to forget the border of the piece as I am working so added a loose ruining stitch to outline the edges. I used this same color of thread to outline the posts and railing but am thinking I will revise the size of these a bit. I have the perfect wood grain printed post fabric that will be fused but need to get the grasses and flowers down first.  


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