I began my fabric collage art by taking a class from Judith Montano at a Crazy Quilt retreat about 15 years ago. The process was to layer fibers and bits of thread and such on batik fabric, lay a colored tulle on top, hand stitch the tulle down and then layer different fabrics and ribbons on top.  Embroidery is added along with beads, fuzzy yarn, silk ribbon and actual sea shells to give texture.

Once home I continued with the seascapes but went on to apply this method to landscapes, editing some of the process to what has now become a creation all my own. Whether seascapes or landscapes I do a lot of stitching while “listening” instead of watching TV. I often am unaware of the time, getting lost in the rhythm of stitching.

Here are a few of my earlier seascapes along with another landscape. I do hope you enjoy these. 3212126736_cafcdbd5df_z3212130942_ede48b241d_z


This is a commission piece done for a good friend and she asked that I add a mermaid to the picture. My friend has red hair so of course the mermaid had to have it too.


Now for another landscape.




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