Art Quilts

What are art quilts? Do you hang them on the wall or sleep under them? Art quilts have evolved into just about any form, from wall quilts that are queen size, whole cloth quilts painted with dyes and colored pencil, “confetti quilts” that are many different pieces of fabric cut and sewn to a base or just fabric used as a springboard to express the artist’s style.

My work has evolved from hand embroidery, to crazy quilts, to imaginary seascapes into using commercial fabric to collage an impressionistic style of landscapes. I use colored pencil, hand embroidery, silk ribbon embroidery, fabric markers or whatever is on hand to capture the light and beauty I see in nature.

Enough words, I am a visual person so here is a picture of my work.

Spring in Bloom




This is 11 X 14 inches, with fabric fused to a semi stiff base, the foreground of lilac trees are hand stitched with French knots for the flowers and some silk ribbon leaves in the trees. This just sings spring to me!


6 thoughts on “

    1. Well of course this is not really quilting per say but it is so much fun for me. I have yet to do a “regular” quilt but will tackle that before the end of this year. Either way such a good stress reliever.


    1. Thanks Nicki. I have finally found my voice and am always looking for new techniques and processes. I have retired from full time “other” work so have time to just play now. Next post will be work in progress in a commissioned piece.


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