The power of Friends 


As most artists I find my creative time is spent usually alone. I work with my mind swirling with the next step or trying to critique the process to make sure the work is heading the direction I envisioned.

However I find I also need to “get out of my own head” sometimes and meet up with like minded friends. For the last several years I have had the joy of joining a group in which we rent a ballroom together in a hotel. We all bring out our work be it crazy quilting, jewlry, traditional quilts, my own art quilts or whatever we want. This allows us all to come and go as we please, not worry about cleaning up to make dinner or anything else.

This time “away” allows us all to work, eat, sleep and work some more along with getting insight from like minded artists. Most of the group would not classify themselves as artists. I say no, most people are if they create something in whatever way pleases them.

I learn something new every year but also I fill up my creative tank with their advise and encouragement. I highly recommend finding such a group, it can only help to get you out of your solitude at the very least.

Here is a picture of an art quilt I worked on mostly during a past retreat with these good friends. I did modify the sheep thanks to the help of my friends. It must have done the trick because it was accepted for a juried show and subsequently sold. The power of friends is very powerful indeed.


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