Busy, busy, busy 

Seems when spring comes everyday is filled  with more things to keep one busy. Today I am delivering my work to the venue for my two person show that is running the month of May. I have to say I am excited and anxious to get my work on the wall.

I am also not sure most understand the preparations that are taken to get to this step. First there is creating a body of work that I truly feel is of a quality that I am striving for and just plan beautiful. Then there is finding a gallery, finding out if they have any openings and the anxious part of applying.

One of the best part of this journey is the thrill of acceptance, they like me, they really, really like me. Wait I better count how many pieces of work I really do have ready to show. Now I need to get busy because I should have 3 more done. Ready, set, go get them done.  Guess my late winter was busy too, for I did get 4 more new pieces completed.



(picture deleted due to corrupted file)

As I continued my prep, I had to mat the majority of my work then get them set in frames and wired for hanging. I decided to use the same frame style for each so went hunting for the best deal for 20 frames. I then set up a work station to mat then frame each. I did my best to keep this area clean and free of dust and lint but there is always that extra something that seems to always find it’s way between the mat and inside glass.  All ready to be delivered for this next step in my journey.

Set up day is here, time to meet my co exhibitor and the show organizers that not only picked both of use for this show but also decided to pair us up. I walk in and find the work of Sean Christopher Ward my co artist already in the midst of unpacking his work. I am amazed at the uniqueness of the work along with the color usage. It is bright and cheerful, it compliments my own work so well I am just tickled and happy to see such a wonderful pairing.

We all took our time moving each piece around to find the best location and which piece would work best with each other. The rest of the time was the grunt work of hanging, making sure they were level and moving around to full the space better, the grunt work. Yet the time flew by, knowing that with each it really is a wonderful showing. Nothing says how well a piece of art looks than putting it up on the wall and walking back a couple of steps to admire how well it looks.

I am so happy that this is happening finally, I can breath a bit from the busyness of preparing and relax.  I am sharing the link for the promo that Sean designed for his Facebook page for this show. If you can make this event please say hello.  If you can’t make the reception please come by  The R.G. Endres Gallery which is located in the Prairie Village Kansas municipal complex at 7700 Mission Road, Prairie Village, Kansas which is open Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.






2 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy 

  1. Having seen some of the pieces in progress, I know it will be a great show. Looking forward to seeing it.


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