Spring surprise

Spring is always a season of beginnings, green sprouting plants, flowers and new birth of birds and bunnies. Even living in the city it is reuvinating to see things sprouting. I appreciate folks that plant pretty things in their yards and gardens. Mostly because I do not have the talent of gardening. Even house plants, catus,  air plants seem to die under my brown thump.

So when I see a volunteer plant in my yard it makes me so very happy. Around this time of year my yard is filled with grape hyacinths once the first green grass sprouts.  I have no idea how these pretty purple flowers came to my yard. After a break in our current rainy weather I went to see if yet again I had grape hyacinths. I love to pick them, put them in a bud vase on my desk to enjoy the sweet perfume of these flowers.

(picture deleted due to corrupted file)
What a delight of purple against the bright green grass. I just had to take a photo before I picked them. This is a sparse grouping but much more are across the front walk. Along with dandelions and a ground cover of a light lavender flower I have never been able to identify. This and the dandelion are considered weeds but the bright yellow dandelion flowers are the honey bees first spring feeding. I don’t use weed killer because most of these flowers are gone with the first mowing of the season.

(picture deleted due to corrupted file)
As I continue to enjoy the color in my yard I turn the corner to find a fully bloomed daffodil. I did not plant this either. What a happy surprise for I know this plant comes from a bulb. After some pondering I believe an errant squirrel must have forgotten his hidden dinner before it sprouted.

Now those that know me well can tell you I don’t like squirrels. Having a 100 plus old house they have wrecked havoc and holes all over. Guess you could say nature got one up on those pesky animals this spring. A very nice spring surprise indeed.

(picture deleted due to corrupted file)

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