How do you dream?


Some of the greater things in life are unseen; that’s why you close your eyes when you kiss, cry or dream.

It is often thought that artists dream their creations, they have an active mind and the subconscious mind is the most creative. I can not say if this is true or not but I rarely have a dream about a piece of art. Maybe because I often start with a photograph and try and represent what I am working from. Perhaps it is because I studied graphic design, basically a form of communication and I want the viewer to be able to know what my intention is with my art.

I am so into that process, imbedded in my psyche, that the work of starting a piece goes beyond conscious or unconscious thought. I do some sketches if there is something that needs to be placed in a particular space. Otherwise I start sorting fabrics to see how they work with each other and with the photo I am working with. I want to be sure the process meets what I am striving for in the work. We all approach things in different ways, but reading the quote made me think that perhaps I should try and let go sometimes. To close my eyes to picture that scene I have in my head and not obsess on trying to make it look exactly like something.

I have written about this before but it is a constant in my thought process as a full time artist now. I do not think this is a problem, just something that continues to challenge me, something to figure out and strive for. I do believe I have so many ideas on new work that I just may never get all of it done. However, it does make me happy to know that at this time I don’t believe I will loose my muse.

I am bursting with happiness that my art work is fueling my everyday now. Going into retirement around a year ago it was my hope to do art full time and get it out to the world. That has happened and I do keep coming up with new ideas for artwork. I recently sold the seascape posted to my last blog and I continue to enter and get accepted in art shows. I do admit this made the transitioin easy. So perhaps I should close my eyes and breath in the wonderful air of acceptance. Who knows what will come from that happiness? Perhaps a new pathway of art, or just an appreciation of the path I am running onto at this time.

So I want to document in a way the work that has lead me to this path. I am sharing one of my first art quilts given to a dear friend as a wedding present. He married a lady who has direct links to Ireland, my family’s homeland too. So decided to do a cottage scene with a lake near by and a bramble of grasses. Rocks and yellow flowers called gorse found everywhere in Ireland on the side of the road. These were done in many French knots but I just had to add some other color so added red fuchsia in the same style. This was a small piece about 5 X 7 and as I look back very basic compared to my most recent work. However it is good to see the beginning, the foundation that one uses in order to appreciate how far I have progressed. Life as an artist is good for me.





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