Fear of failure

The greatest obstacle to success is the fear of failure. 

I have no idea where I first read this but it is not mine. I say this as I look at the material I plan to finish out some crazy quilt blocks. The method to complete the blocks will wow if it works. But that is the crutch, if it works. As I look across my studio at what I plan to use I am fearful. 

What happens if that doesn’t work? What will I do then. Need to get these blocks completed to be in a quilt show. So what if it doesn’t work?  If it leads me to another path or idea that I never considered all the better. All I will ever know is I tried and it didn’t. This is the way my mind is working right now. Try and I will see if it works or not. Don’t want to squander my resources so will do a test to see if my idea ends up as expected. 

I posted recently that I would create two new pieces a month and am happy to say I have finished one for this month. I usually have a couple different things going. It is a way to keep things fresh, believe me it is easy to get tired working on the same thing.  

This is the completion of the work from my last blog post. The seaweed like dyed lace on both sides really helped to show a sense of movement but the overall color was way too light. They conflicted with the color range of the piece as a whole but I still wanted to include them. So I took some speciality yarn that is hairy looking in a deep green and layered it on top. This was exactly what was needed. It didn’t obscure the lace but it did push the color back a notch. 

I then got to work on the foreground adding beads, lacy looking stitches for fan coral and some straight stitches for sea grass. I didn’t want to do too much because the velvet really works so well as brain coral. I really think this whole piece hit the mark and was happy with the finished piece. A good friend thought the same for it is sold now. 

2 thoughts on “Fear of failure

  1. I know exactly how you feel! I have a Christmas project percolating in my brain and know what I want it to look like but the question remains – can I do it without it looking terrible. Time will tell – that, and simply mustering the courage to start!


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