Creativity is intelligence having fun. Einstein 

Does this ring true? I often wonder if my left brain intelligence has had any affect on my right brain creativity. It always seemed two divergent things. The logical, academic thought and knowledge was one thing. The creative, esthetic, fun side was not the same. Yet once I read this comment from Enstein it just clicked. 

They are the same, how could you even think of fun without the intelligence and knowledge that it has to be based on? Most artists research a subject, do sketches, check new techniques that apply to the subject and do studies. This is the logical, intelligent way to test a theory or hypothesis as in science.  

I never linked these together until I read this quote. I work out a lot of problems with my art in my head, thinking of color, movement and texture. This is the logical side of my creative side. Then there is the fun action of creation, the habit of doing that is ethereal. I loose track of time, forget whatever else is on my mind and am just creating. 

At times it doesn’t match exactly as I planned. This doesn’t bother me. I may be led to something I had not considered, happy “accidents” that may or may not be useable. Good thing about stitching you can always take it out, just like erasing a drawn line. This also can be frustrating, something I have talked about in the past. To make the vision I have in my head to come out in my art. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t. 

Take the progress on this crazy quilt block. I finished the blue turquoise vine on the bottom and really enjoy the contrast on the dusty purple. The circular movement really comes thru with the lazy dazy flowers on each stem. I decided I needed to bring the pink salmon on the left into play, thus the buttonhole stitch across the top of the turquoise silk. I have laid out some beads to top off each stitch that match the dusty purple exactly. I don’t want to obscure the fabric print on the left side so have pinned a line of organza trim on the seam. Not exactly sure if this will stay but will leave it for consideration. It is coming along but perhaps enough fun for today. 

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