Too serious

Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought.  Einstein

This is so true but honestly I have gotten too serious in the last couple of posts. Thus I will say I met with a close group of friends last weekend for what we call crafty days. Two were working on traditional “saine”quilts, two including myself working on crazy quilts and the last working on Zentangles. 

We are a diverse group but know each other well enough to enjoy our sameness along with our differences. I have to say we talk about anything and everything. A lot of this time is shared in laughter too. Just what the doctor ordered to dust out the seriousness of life. 

I took an idea from a book that was shared from one of my cohorts to embroider a spider web that was further embellished with a vine and leaves. It is not an exact copy from the book, it is my interpretation of that idea. This is what I believe Enstien meant, that my creativity is seeing what everyone else sees but then thinking or showing what no one else has seen. 

I do believe this is natural to me but honestly most quilters do the same. In fact one of my buddies makes it a joke that she can’t seem to follow the rules in a pattern for a quilt. Yet her interpretation of that pattern is fabulous! 

Here is the crazy quilt block I worked on with the web and vine on the right. I do love how this color range is working with the center picture. I also wanted to share this mostly naked block and will share updates as I work on this block. 

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