Nature is my inspiration

If you know my art work though it is not photo realistic, it is based on nature. I have dealt with what I have started calling artist’s block, like writer’s block, due to the gloomy feeling from lockdown. I found if I just got outside for a walk or sit on a park bench I was able to shake the dull drums. It got me to start exploring the many, many different parks in my part of the country. I could stretch my mind into what was around me by getting out of my four walls. I highly recommend a walk in the woods especially if you have never been on that path before.

Last month after what was a very cold week the weather broke into a sunny, sunny warm day. Getting my morning errands done early I decided to check out a local park in the area. I started the walk, looking at the bare trees along the pavement when I came to a raw path leading into a a forest. I am sure it was set up as a bike path but I was intrigued as to what was new to discover, a path not yet crossed. I put on my favorite classical music playlist and started my journey.

Instantly it was about 10 degrees cooler as I started on the dirt path. The trees were tall and the path was well tended but with no new leaf growth on the trees. I love being able to see these “skeletons” of trees. To see what is underneath before the green leaves appear gets my creative juices running.

It is amazing how the twist and turns in the branches of what we see as a straight tree is seen at this time of year. Also the depth of movement and structure can be seen clearly. I was busy taking in all this, clicking away on my camera when I heard a rustling of leaves. I look over to see two deer abut 25 feet away. They were not startled to see me so I just kept still while they grazed. It was so unexpected I was in awe for this moment.

After the deer moved on I continued with my walk going deeper into a ravine that then lead uphill. Thus making the trail a loop. I continued to take in the twists and turns of the trees but then found an area of felled trees that had been down for some time. Long enough to have moss growing on them. To think we believe we have the idea of recycling as humans. This bit of nature, coming from something that is rotting is true recycling.

I did enjoy seeing things like this on this new path and am happy to say my artist block is gone, gone, gone. These pictures will be added to the overflowing file of ideas for another piece of art. And an added bonus is the built in exercise.

I have two art quilts accepted at the Jones gallery for their April group show. The first is Holmes Street Sunrise which is the banner picture for my site and Holmes Street Sunrise #2.

If you happen to live in the greater Kansas City, Mo area you can attend the opening on April 2, 2021 from 5:00-9:00 pm. It will be at the Jones Gallery located at 1717 Walnut, Kansas City, MO in the Crossroads Art district. You can also see the show from Wednesday, March 31st to Thursday, April 29th daily 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The gallery is closed on Sundays.

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