New pathways

I realized the other day that I had not posted much to the blog this year. I have had some changes to my life that have taken me away from my regular routine. Change for some is scary but I find it to be constant in life. You can use those changes to grow or decide to take a different path down the road of life to just see what happens.

This weekend I am away with some friends enjoying good times at a lake house. Always invigorating to have no real agenda and just “be” in nature. Last night we went out to the boat dock to see the lunar eclipse. It was not late enough to actually see it eclipse but the moon was so bright and beautiful. It is amazing how small you can feel when you look up to watch the sky. Yet that feeling doesn’t scare me it actually makes me look at nature in awe.

I believe it is the smallest things in life that can easily be dismissed or ignored that once looked for can add true wonder to life if you stop to look. I was weeding in the yard the other day and found some interesting patterns in the grasses I was pulling up.

The heart shapes in the leaves are what first caught my eye. Then seeing the spread of the grass underneath all from the center in a wide circle made me stop to take this picture. I pondered how wide and far reaching the patch on the side walk looked from this view. It is a world in itself, sprawling out to the depths of its own universe. Yet if I had not looked down, I could not have appreciated the beauty and connection to me.

So I stopped longer to look for even more small wonders.

As my day continued I found even more wonders in the grocery.

Just look at the patterns and swirls in this cauliflower. Of course the bright green caught my attention first but this truly is amazing to look at. But before you think I have gone way too far into weird thinking I will share this for a laugh.

A very tasty cherry butt? I just had to share.

I also want to share my next art opening with those in the greater Kansas City area. It is a group show with eight other very talented and diverse fiber artists. This group has been very supportive, encouraging in every way and fun. The show will open on Thursday August 2, 2018 and run the whole month of August. Here are the details check it out if you can.

Tim Murphy Gallery 2018 Postcard (1).pdf_page_1

Tim Murphy Gallery 2018 Postcard (1).pdf_page_2


6 thoughts on “New pathways

  1. With your artistic eye you saw beauty in what most call weeds to be poisoned and hope they don’t come back. Thanks for a closer look with your eyes and heart. “Butt” i liked the cherry picture too 😀


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