Everything you can imagine is real. 

Pablo Picasso

I can say I image all kind of things throughout the day. I wonder how the small animals survive the violence of a thunderstorm. Do the birds hang onto a branch with all their might as the wind and rain whip them about? Do the racoons hunker down in their nests waiting for the storm to pass? 

Or does what ones real experience become mixed with what is imagined? I was on a camping trip once with the Girl Scouts. Nice day back packing into the woods. Broke to make camp for the night setting up our tent’s. Dinner, then tired as heck so all of us made it to our beds. 

Just as I fall asleep, a bang of thunder and the rushing slap of torrential rain. Drip, drip on my head, dang a drip from above. As I fervently move to avoid getting wet I hear noises outside. Everyone else has woken from the thunder. Yet when your imagination is involved it doesn’t know what is real or unreal.

Everthing has an opposite. Whatever is unreal can become real. It all depends on what your vision is at the time. If you focus on what is wrong or frighting and can’t see the beauty of the moment then you can only see fear. Be grateful for what you have in the moment so you can appreciate what is real. 

I can remember as a very young artist I was so grateful for a box of 64 Crayons with a sharpener included in the box. Life evolves but that was a very pure feeling. No matter what I can use to execute the image in my head now, I want it to be real. I want the viewer to see what I have imagined. To perhaps feel what I am amazed by with my art. 

Last night after a stormy and cold day I was witness to an amazingly wonderful sunset. It took my breath away with the glowing colors against the dark silhouette of trees. Taking pictures as fast as I could I just could not get enough of this beauty.  This is a favorite subject for me with one art quilt already done. I do think I should make this subject a series now. It will be fun to do another but challenging to capture the pure feeling of bliss I had taking these pictures. What do you think? 

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