Sitting outside after a fierce thunderstorm made we wonder, how do animals and in particular birds, survive such a storm? I know not all do but as I hear them chirping in the trees I wonder if they just hang on for dear life. Hunkering down in the hollow of a tree hoping for the violence of nature to end.

Making art can be blissful or stormy at times. To commit to start a new idea can make you anxious, a little stormy but that comes with the process. You need to push through this and just start. I have to admit when I am quiet inside, no worries or distractions is when I am most creative. However sometimes the circumstances of the day are loud and stormy. I usually avoid anything creative when this happens because I feel like that bird in the thunderstorm, hanging on to dear life not knowing what is coming next. 

Usually I try to distract myself from these worries by looking at art or researching techniques. You never know what you may see from looking again at a master painting or sculpture. You may find beauty in the pattern of a manhole cover, the texture of tree bark or by exploring someone’s art. I was on a trip in late April flying out of Philadelphia International airport when I came across this amazing felt art. 



It has become the “new” thing to put art in airports. Often it is a good way for a city to promote the artists of their city to a captured audience, airport passengers. Seeing that these passengers are from a wide variety of society the art is exposed to a lot more than the normal art scene. 

This art by Heidi Bleacher is so colorful and inventive. The scale of making small things big really works. The playfulness of the bears, one on top of the other is engaging. I was caught in the awe from a 6 year old boy telling his mom that the teddy bears were having fun playing. I truly enjoyed the mushrooms reminding me of the dancing mushrooms from Disney’s Fantasia. I can just see them spinning and spinning to classical music. 

The last display includes bright ladybugs, always fun with their bright red against the grey fence and yellow sunflowers. This artist hit it out of the park and has helped me to stop just thinking about my art. I am ready to get busy with my artistic soul replenished. Can you guess my next project? 

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